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09 22 2015 | by Victor Xing | Central Banks

As of late 2015, which Central Banks are engaged in quantitative easing?

The following central banks are engaged in active quantitative easing as of Sept 22nd 2015:

Bank of Japan (BOJ) at ¥80 trillion per year, targeting sovereign bonds
European Central Bank (ECB) at €60 billion per month, targeting sovereign bonds, covered bonds, and asset backed securities (ABS)

The following central banks are engaged in principal reinvestment purchases (they have conducted QE and accumulated large bond holdings on their balance sheet, and principal from maturing bonds are being reinvested)

Federal Reserve (FED): FED SOMA reinvestment is expected to end sometime after rate hike
Bank of England (BOE): BOE also reinvests maturing bonds on its balance sheet with new bond purchases

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