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10 10 2015 | by Victor Xing | Capital Markets

What does a typical day on a trading desk look like?

(all times in pacific time)


Get up and get ready, check news and prepare to head out


Arrive at the desk, talk to the fund manager and head trader (we sat on a row) about our positioning discussions on the previous night


Prepare for economic data release at 5:30am, monitor European fixed income markets


Analyze additional data releases (usually this goes on until 7:00am) and in constant communication with PM on whether incoming data change our view and our investment thesis


Investment discussions, watching the market, monitor ECB or FED communication.  Alot of things happen during these hours so there is no set patterns or schedule.  Europe session ends at 9am.  Sometimes meeting with visiting traders / strategists / economists from various banks


Food arrives by 10:30am, and we would eat on the desk.  Usually I use the time to check in with any broker / dealers I haven’t talked to on the day to hear their latest market views


The final trading hours for cash equities, start writing end-of-day market summary

[11:00am is also the time for the Federal Reserve to release policy statements following scheduled FOMC meetings: meeting calendars, statements, and minutes (2010-2016).  A press conference by the FED Chair will also take place four times a year at 11:30am]


The final hour of fixed income trading.  Discussions amongst rates desk staff on our market view on the day and positioning ideas going into next day, end of week, end of month, etc


Complete end of day market summary, finish financial modeling work started during the day, write FED policy analysis and meet up with PMs managing non-rates (corporate, muni, high yield) portfolios


Dinner and text PM and traders on any thoughts that I didn’t get to send out by end of day

[6:17pm is the time when PBOC releases its daily CNY fixing]


Follow Asia market


Personal time – read Quora, check twitter feed, pop in and out of Bloomberg to check European market open

11:00pm – 3:50am:


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