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11 03 2015 | by Victor Xing | Economics

What are alternative investment strategies?

There are a number of alternative investment strategies involving “alternative asset classes.”

Fine art

For example, DoubleLine CIO Jeff Gundlach invests in fine art (some of which were briefly stolen from his home by professional thieves).  He reportedly said that the art market is sustainable “as long as the world continues to mint new billionaires in Russia and China who can’t get their money out of there fast enough”

Piet Mondrian Composition-A-En-Rouge-Et-Blanc-1936

Alternative investment strategies: fine art
Fine art owned by Jeff Gundlach

Real estate rental properties

There is also the real estate market, where asset managers issue debt to fund massive real estate purchases.  The asset managers in turn become landlords collecting rent from tens of thousands of rental properties.  Please see Wall Street Is My Landlord.

Alternative investment strategies: Blackstone Invitation Homes
Blackstone Rental Properties


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